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Newsroom » The 86,400 Generation 3 is here…and its Swiss.
The 86,400 Generation 3 is here…and its Swiss.
Sep 11, 2020
86,400 Generation 3 Blackout Waterproof Luxury WatchHIDDEN HILLS WATCH CO. - On October 1st, 2020 Hidden Hills Watch Company of Canada “Hidden Hills” will release the 86400 Generation 3 wristwatch. The Generation 3 is an entirely redesigned, remolded exclusive watch line featuring Swiss movement made by Ronda AG. Ronda movements have in the past been used in wristwatches sold by world renowned luxury brands like Gucci, Versace, Tag Heuer, Baume et Mercier & Invicta. This, accompanied with the waterproofing of the entire line to meet 10ATM standards (waterproof up to 100 metres) and a sapphire glass face, makes the 86400 Generation 3 the most impressive watch ever produced by Hidden Hills.

The Generation 3, like its predecessors will be produced & released in  limited quantities to ensure the continued exclusivity the brand is known for.

Just following the release of the Generation 3 on October 1st, Hidden Hills will be releasing the 86400S Generation 3. The 86400S Generation 3 will be identical to the original Generation 3 with the exception of 60 cubic zirconia crystals not embellished the circumference of the sapphire glass face. For a more conservative, reserved yet equally elegant and exclusive look, the 86400S is sure to be a watch of choice for many.

Earlier this year, in August, Hidden Hills rolled out the Lifetime Global Warranty guaranteeing all watches produced by the company for repair or replacement indefinitely. With an unprecedented commitment to brand loyalty and customer satisfaction, Hidden Hills is scaling immensely each and every month.

You can pre-order the 86,400 Generation 3 watch here.